Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow, 2014 Golden Globes (January 12)

The best of celebrity Halloween 2011 via Twitter - #1

1. Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow as Kreayshawn and tbd
2. Mindy Kaling as a giraffe
3. Kaley Cuoco as Foxy Cleopatra
4. Sofia Vergara as an angry bird
5. Lea Michele as the Swan Queen
6. Zachary Quinto as fireworks on the 4th of July
7. Joey Richter as Speed Racer
8. Mandy Moore as a heavy metal rocker
9. Busy Philipps’ adorable niece as a koala 

Finally saw Bridesmaids last night. It was glorious.

"I’m still so mad they cancelled [Freaks and Geeks] — Whenever I hear good news, I’m like, ‘Franco’s hosting the Oscars? Can’t you see how wrong you were now?!’"
- Judd Apatow (via mulligans)

I think our group, the Judd Apatow circle—our ‘thing’ is that we’re normal dudes. All our movies are just us kind of sitting around smoking pot and just hanging out, and people tend to treat us like that, like ‘Oh, shit, what’s up? Can I buy you a shot?’ And we are those dudes.

When we started out—when I got Freaks and Geeks, I was like 18, Seth was 16. Judd wasn’t who Judd is now. And we would sit around and just wax poetic about how we’d take over Hollywood someday. And then it happened, that’s the weird part of it—but I think in our minds, we’re still those dudes, sitting around like, ‘We’re gonna show ‘em all!

- Jason Segel