"I’ve got a very surreal moment actually, when I was discussing with Imelda Staunton (who played Professor Umbridge in the Order of the Phoenix), lovely woman, who plays that evil character so well but she’s so lovely; and we were talking about scrambled eggs, I don’t know why, but I pointed out that if you were in a rush, you wouldn’t condone it unless you were in a rush, but it is..possible to do scrambled eggs in the microwave. Imelda was repulsed by this, you know, she found the very concept of microwaved scrambled eggs disgusting. And she let me know [laughs]. And then, out of nowhere, swoops in Mr. Alan Rickman. And Alan glides, he doesn’t walk, he glides. And he did exactly that, from nowhere, just on my shoulder..in my defense! You know, he said [puts on voice] “They’re quite nice, actually.” And um, yeah, I suddenly had to take a step back because there was two of the finest British actors ever, Imelda Staunton and Alan Rickman, having a debate, an argument about scrambled eggs. And I just had to think “Is this my job?! Is this what I’m doing? It’s ridiculous.” But it’s moments like that you won’t forget that they’re just people, you know?"
- Matt Lewis
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